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Marie Claudinot - architecte


LesAteliersC-m is a young architecture agency based in the heart of the Cévènnes.

It is held by Marie Claudinot architect DE-HMONP graduated from ENSA-Montpellier in 2017 and registered with the Order of Architects of Occitanie.

With varied experience in both public and private projects, the agency will be happy to answer your requests, from design to project management, including all administrative requests.

Specialized in bio-climatic architecture and renovation, do not hesitate to contact her for all your architectural or design projects.


Marie Claudinot decided to install her office in the Cévennes because she felt in a deep love for the landscape offer by the region.   

The environnement is the main tool for her work. The project designed is the result of this close exchange betwen the context and the technique. It is with the respect of the landscape that Marie Claudinot is building. She is specialided in bio climatique architecture with an high quality environemental conception in existing building like new ones. 


The projects carried out which arise from this strong inspiration support the idea of ​​an architectural project which is built thanks to the will of each actor. Marie Claudinot works in close collaboration with the clients and artisans for a unique result. Indeed, the construction of a new house or the refitting of your interior, are projects which reflect your personality and which should not be taken lightly. The architect then has its place in the process which will allow you to be fully satisfied with your project.

The first meeting is essential. It is at this moment that we get to know each other, that you will explain your desires and needs. After the first meeting you will be offered one or more propositions which will be the basis of the discussions until we arrive at the ideal project. Then Marie Claudinot can help you  until the final realization.

- First meeting and quote for free - 



- Full Mission 


For a turnkeys project .

We will get in charge of the conception by helping you and giving you ideas, then we will get in charge of the administrative record. At the end we will build your project with our artisans.

Fees: Percentage of the cost of the works (from 10% to 15% depends of the type of project) 

- Partial Mission 


You need ideas but you want to take care of the construction of your project

We bring you our creativity and our technical solutions in the development of plans.

We take care of the administrative part (Application for Building Permit or DP) 

Optional :

- Survey of the existing building

- Business consultation file with side plans and a summary description of the work

Fees: Flat rate from 2 000€  TTC 

- Complementary Missions 


If you have personnal needs you can send us an email we will try to help you :

- Faisability study, advisory service

- Help in VEFA of in the purchage of a dwelling...

- Energy efficiency : to help  you on the work thanks to network FAIRE (

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