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House L

Anduze (30) / 2019

Mission: ESQ + PC

Surface: 95 m2

Budget: 170,000 €

This house is situated in a particular site : two paths border the place and create a big open view on the project. The house dealt with this problem thanks to the volumetry and the setting on the site. 

The house is positioned along the retaining wall, at exactly 1metre of it to let a sheltered path that permit to create a double throught inside.

The single slopped of the roof that aligned to this retaining wall create a visual fence. Thanks to this roof the garden get a view protection and become a green cocoon for our couple.

The selected materials are the wood and the stone to stay on the vocubulary of the traditionnal house of the region.

Maison L - LesateliersC-m
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