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PERPIGNAN - Ideas competition

Competition / 2017

This project comes up in the context of an idea competition launch by the city of Perpignan for the renovation of its city center.

The proposition is, as the same time, urban and architectural : think the district as an all to permit an uniform development without contradiction.

We proposed an axe of work going through the district of St Jacques, the district that mainly need reconstruction.  This crossing links the Platane district and Palais des Rois de Majorque district with the goal of making fall the physical and psychologic walls that stand in those districts. This road is punctuating by 3 mains points : 

- La Caserne du Puig and its rehabilitation as an art center,

- The living areas with proposition of new flat organisation to answer better to the way of living of the inhabitant, 

- The public space all around those living areas with new collaborative areas,

- Le Collège Jean Moulin with a transformation of the actually non-used ground floor as a botanic garden and a library opened to everyone. 

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